Synergy Power celebrate 2 years of establishment

Synergy Power celebrate 2 years of establishment

On Saturday, 19 October 2013, in the hall of Viet Village of the ecological area, Synergy Power held a ceremony of 2 years of establishment. In this celebration, there has participation of leadership, shareholders and all SPC employees, with some reliable partners. 

After 2 years of operation, Synergy Power has been steady advance and confirmed gradually their position in the generator market. Also in this occasion, Synergy Power sincerely extend thanks to trust, support interest with the best of customers and reliable companies to Synergy Power till now. We hope that SYNERGY POWER will be familiar brand name to all domestic and foreign enterprises in the nearest future. 

With this celebration for 2 years of establishment, there is Vietnamese women date. The leadership sent the best wish and congratulations, and the best beautiful flower, small gift to female staff. 

After that, Anniversary in October 2013 was held for all SPC staff having anniversary date in this October. 

In a little but harmonious party, there was mounted more feelings of each members of SYNERGY POWER to more people understand with each other in life and in work. 

Images of ceremony: