Safety policy

Safety policy

At SYNERGY POWER, safety for employees and customers is one of the most important criteria. We not only provide safety solutions on capital, construction time, and equipment reliability, but also ensure each location provides a safe environment for employees and customers. 

Safety management program of SYNERGY consists of four key elements: Identification, Implementation, Communication (Training) and Inspection. Of which: 
- Identification: locate areas of safety concern, evaluate risks and set up proper safety regulations. 
- Implementation: apply engineering controls and safety procedures. 
- Communication/ Training: Affected parties (employees, customers, community) must be informed and trained on safety risk. 
- Inspection: Annual evaluation on the results of the safety program. 

At SYNERGY, we aim to: 
- Understand and follow local laws and regulations on labor safety. 
- Comply with safey program/ standard of the Manufacturers. 
- Apply programs/ measures/ procedures to ensure safety in construction, using labor tools, dealing with customers, particiapating community activities. 

• Display safety signs/ labor regulations at the Company, Job sites, Warehouse.. 
• Equip protective clothing for installation engineer. 
• Equip First Aid box. 
• Labor insurance for construction staff. 
• Investigate cause/ result in case of accident on the basis of comparision with safety process to learn from experience. 

Training labor regulation on protective clothing, construction regulations, electrical using. 
Training on Fire and exploding prevention. 
First Aid training. 

Set up an annual safety audit team to evaluate safety risk at working and construction sites, renew safety program for the next year.