Design, manufacture and construction of M&E

Design, manufacture and construction of M&E

Synergy Power is a specialized unit of electrical and mechanical works, including construction works and projects on electricity systems such as: electricity contractors, electric power systems, lighting systems, fire alarm system, water supply and drainage system ... for residential projects, offices, factories, hotels, apartment buildings, commercial centers ...

With a team of engineers, technicians, staffs, employees with high professional qualifications and dedicated to customers Synergy Power pledges to bring customers genuine products - ensure quality and price both competitive. Payment service - fast shipping, professional meet customer requirements. At Synergy Power, mechanical and electrical services will be available in the following areas:

  • Design consultancy.
  • Supplying equipment and materials.
  • Installation and use of electric and water systems.


Electro Mechanical Works at Synergy Power

  • Installation of electricity and water system according to the construction drawing.
  • To install new civil and electrical works, furniture.
  • Air conditioning system and ventilation system
  • Electrodynamics, lighting and light electricity
  • Automatic control system.
  • Drainage, sanitation, water treatment.
  • Fire protection system
  • Constructing electrical system of factory, office building power system, surveillance camera, office network electricity ...
  • Coming to Synergy Power, you will be safe and confident with Synergy Power's warranty repair services.