Synergy Power won Vicenza Brick Factory

Synergy Power won Vicenza Brick Factory

Synergy Power signed a contract to supply and install standby diesel generator VICENZA Brick Factory on January 30th, 2018.

VICENZA Brick Factory was established in Thanh Hoa Province – specializing in manufacturing ceramic and decorative tiles. Nowadays, VICENZA owns dozens of manufacturers (with tiles system of 300×450, 300×600, 600×900, 400×400, 500×500 ,600×600, 800×800) with total area above 300,000m2. All of manufacturing procedure includes pressing, enameling, kilning and classifying products which are applied with the combination of high technology and automatic chain. Therefore, Vicenza supplies millions of ceramic tiles each year and meets the requirements of design for hotels, villas and apartments.

In the field of high-end marketplaces in Vietnam, VICENZA has approaching itself to the Vietnamese market and is on the road to expand to the world.

Project information:

  • Package: Supply and installation of standby diesel generator.
  • Project: VICENZA Brick Factory
  • Address: Lot A, Le Mon Industrial Park, Quang Hung, Thanh Hoa

Content provided:

  • Supply and installation of standby diesel generators.
  • Form of contract: Package contract
  • Time frame: 8 weeks from the effective date of the contract.