Notice for purchase and operating genset

Notice for purchase and operating genset

When you need to buy a generator, you need to list in detail the electrical equipment to be used, then calculate the total power consumption and power rating to buy. 

In order to increase the longevity and durability for generators, buyers should select a generator with a capacity higher than the actual power consumption from 10% to 25%. 

When purchase a generator, customers should pay attention to choose products with warranty and clear origin. 

When operating, the generator must be placed in an open and dry location. 

Do not place the genset in-door while operating in order to avoid gas poisoning. When installing the genset, connect the equipment directly to genset. As this may limit the load used not to exceed the capacity of the genset, avoid overloading resulting in genset burning. On the other hand, it is necessary to install circurt breaker or Automatic Transfer 
Switch (ATS), to avoid being "rushed" when utitily power back suddenly. 

Should choose a genset with long time continuous operation, because it usually takes from a few hours to half a day of power shut off in Vietnam. 

Last but not less, big noise occurs when the genset is running, affecting families with children as well as other neighbours. There has been some sort of silencer systems overcome this, you should pay attention to this option.