Soundproof Wall


Mineral cotton products are not usually visible to the naked eye, but to make up the difference in resistance to fire, noise reduction, thermal storage, and sustainable over time.

This natural mineral fiber capable of sound insulation, sound absorption, environmental resistance, mineral wool producer Rockwool be able processed into coils, tubular, plate very easy construction and installation. Rockwool mineral wool slabs are used for plate heat insulation, sound insulation for buildings, Building, Workshop Film, Theater, Discotheque, Karaoke ... Pipe insulation Rockwool insulation against heat is used, sound absorption system Center to the Station, Schools, Hospitals, Manufacturing Pharmaceutical company ... Scroll Rockwool insulation against heat is used furnace systems, boilers; Noise-reducing system noise to a blasting machine generators in special industrial zones ... And the technology is applied in Shipbuilding.
Rockwool mineral wool, also known as rock wool; or mineral cotton insulation. Rockwool is manufactured, made from stone and ore operation fusing features thermal insulation, soundproofing and fireproofing is highly resistant to temperatures up to 850oC dressed.

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