Medium voltage cabinets are designed and manufactured in accordance with the strict quality management, high stability, safety of operation and has been widely used in power stations, power distribution station of the power companies, industrial parks, residential areas and factories ....

       Cabinet structure ensure high safety: Enclosures are made from 2mm thick sheet, a solid guarantee, the switchgear such as circuit breakers are arranged logically and is protected by an inner side of the cabinet.

      The inspection and maintenance simple: Cabinets are manufactured and achieved protection level IP4X prevent the ingress of dust and insects.

      To accommodate the increasing market for medium voltage cabinets, EEMC successfully fabricated templates medium voltage cabinet assembly type corrugated galvanized by large firms such as ABB, Schneider, SIEMENS, ...

     In order to satisfy the needs of development and ever changing energy market and electrical equipment, for a market share of medium voltage cabinets increasingly higher with the highest reliability of the electrical appliance market in Vietnam. Our company has bought the Licence promotion and licensed production of this type of medium voltage cabinets.

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