The Incorporate Culture

The Incorporate Culture

The incorporate culture is considered as an indispensable part in process of establishing and developing Synergy Power Corporation. Moreover, it is also an intangible value and effort to enhance our company to reach out for the benefits of valued customers and community.

Synergy Power’s Culture is expressed and summarized by these following contents:

  1. PROGRESSIVE - Synergy Power’s members are always ready to accept failure. We encourage each other to overcome the difficuties. All failures will be the precious lessons and not be repeated in the future.

We are progressive enough to frankly criticize the individuals who make serious mistakes.

  1. ADAPTED - Synergy Power is self-aware to change. Modification is the immutable universal truth, hence, we should change to adapt for business environment.

Synergy Power continuously gives solutions, adjusts strategies and improves the service quality to satisfy customers.

  1. CREATIVE - Synergy Power agrees to acknowledge that only creation could bring the bright future. And it’s necessary to create an inspired environment for all members to promote their competence.

           We truly believe in our quality of products and solutions that meet the customer’s demand.

  1. INTELLIGENT - Intelligence is always considered as the vital force to develop the unique and distinctive value in each product and service.

    The advanced science and technology are applied to our progress all the time.  Moreover, the informative         knowledge will constantly be updated in all areas.

  1. ELITE - Well-trained staffs in their roles makes a business far better in many different ways.
  2. HARMONIC - Hamorny in the mind of members will contribute to team spirit, solidarity and loyalty. Besides, Synergy usually participates in social activities and charity and express sense of civic responsibility and national pride.

By kindness and human spirit, Synergy Power has built the close relationship with customers, partners and investors.