Import-Export staff

Import-Export staff


Import-Export staff





Forms of work:

Full-Time Permanent

Work location:




Job description:

- Find information about the price of the foreign suppliers of the company's business.
- Negotiate, negotiate with foreign suppliers of design, product quality, price and conditions of the contract in line with company policy.
- Drawing up of contracts pursuant to the agreement with the supplier.
- Gather requirements of the sales staff, making the order to send the supplier.
- Monitoring and supervision of the payment schedule, deliveries under contracts. Ensure timely import of goods, as planned, the company's requirements.
- Perform other duties as assigned by direct manager

Vacancy Number:



- Competitive salary according to the capacity of the candidate
- To ensure the full range of social insurance, health insurance, lunch allowance, phone and other benefits under the provisions of the Company
- Is working in a professional environment, equity in work and promotion opportunities, good income, attractive remuneration.

Number of years of experience:

1 year



Requires gender:

Not required

Age requirements:

Not required

Other requirements:

- Female, graduated Intermediate
- Vivacious, agile, good-looking, do not lisp, stutter
- Proficient in professional front office
- Careful, attentive, skilful
- There are persuasive skills and a good telephone answering
- Proficient in Office

Records include:

- Graduated from the University of Foreign Trade, National Economy, trade or specialized universities export.
- At least 1 year experience (customs declaration, tax tracking, contract drafting exchange, payment LC, TT, etc ...).
- Good English speaking and listening skills of literacy.
- Agility, dynamism, flexibility in exploiting, finding information on the internet, processing of information sources, negotiation skills, contract negotiation.
Records include:
- All applications include: Application form (with 4x6), a summary of the work to date, CV (certified by the authorities), the relevant qualifications.
- Time for submissions: Office hours from No. 2 to No. 6.
- Candidate filing to schedule an interview appointment will be immediately and report the results within 01 days after the interview.



Form submission: